Prospective Scholars

What is the Community Engagement Scholars course of study?

The Community Engagement Scholars Course of Study (CESCS) is a four year academic program that provides a framework for integrating traditional academic coursework with hands-on experiences in preparing for life as an engaged citizen. It is open to all majors.  CEI staff provide enhanced advising in developing Scholars’ plans. The Community Engagement Scholars course of study faculty review board provides direction and reviews the final eportfolio.

Videos and blog posts on this site highlight how Community Engagement Scholars are using this framework to explore their role in understanding issues and how they can work with communities to develop solutions.

What are the benefits of participation?

  • Advising: Scholars receive enhanced advising, beginning in their first year, that provides assistance in making the framework of community engagement a catalyst for exploring academic and co-curricular opportunities across campus and in the community.
  • Eportfolio: In their final year Scholars develop an eportfolio that synthesizes their experiences and plans for a future as an engaged citizen. This eportfolio is read by their college’s faculty representative on the Community Engagement Scholars course of study review board.

How do I apply to the Community Engagement Scholars course of study?

  • Incoming accepted students should apply through Enrollment Services. Application and more information can be found here.
  • Once on campus: Students may apply through the first semester of their sophomore year.  Application process can be found on the Community Engagement Scholars site.

May I join the Community Engagement Scholars course of study after arriving on campus?

Yes, you may apply through the first semester of your sophomore year.  Applications are on the Community Engagement Scholars site.

What are the program requirements?

Full requirements can be found in the planning document.

Is there an LLC or housing component?

There is no LLC or housing component.

Current Scholars

Must I take a specific section of UAPP110?

Community Engagement Scholars may take any section of UAPP110 offered at the University of Delaware.

How do I use the Community Engagement Scholars CANVAS (CESCS) course?

The CANVAS CESCS course serves as the submission portal for course materials and reflections. It also holds forms needed for tracking service hours, requesting approval for an off-campus service immersion experience, etc.  It should be updated regularly (at least once a semester)–the materials will be used to create your eportfolio.

What resources are in CANVAS?

  • Requirements worksheet
  • Volunteer request form
  • Spreadsheet for tracking service hours

How do I find out about service opportunities and programming?

Make sure to sign up for the Community Engagement Scholars by emailing BlueHensEngage@udel.edu. Prior newsletters can be found here.

How do I track service hours?

Scholars should use the EXCEL spreadsheet in the CANVAS site. 

What counts as service hours?

Service hours should be a mixture of activities, including everything from a one-time volunteer project to hours from your immersion experience. Projects done through UD academic or student life programs do not need prior approval. Volunteer activities that you pursue on your own may require prior permission from CEI.  A request form can be found on the CANVAS site.

When do I schedule advising appointments?

Scholars should meet with CEI staff once each semester.

Where can I find more information on the eportfolio?

View the webinar and supporting materials on the CE Scholars website.

How do I find a course with a community engagement component?

NOTE: This is a work in progress. Please check with CEI staff.