Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty & Staff Resources

​University of Delaware Faculty are engaged with the community in a variety of ways.  Their teaching often provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in collaboration with a community partner. Their research and creative activities break disciplinary boundaries and promote the development of solutions to global problems.  Faculty members also perform as servant leaders, in applying their disciplinary knowledge and skills to develop policies and documents for local, regional, national and global audiences. The Community Engagement Initiative is dedicated to providing support for faculty to conduct their teaching, research/creative activities and service in a scholarly manner.  The documents linked to this message are designed to assist in the successful implementation, assessment and dissemination of scholarly community engaged projects.

Coronavirus and Engaged Teaching

Courses that include a community engagement or service component should prepare to substitute the community experience with other options for completing that requirement. For assistance in revising your assignment contact Leann Moore, Associate Director of the Community Engagement Initiative. 

The latest updates from the University can be found here: Coronavirus: What you need to know.

In addition, the Center for Teaching and Assesssment of Learning Course Continuity and the Faculty Commons Course Continuity website provide information on accessing support for technology-facilitated solutions and on-line teaching.