The Wilmington Partnership

The Wilmington Partnership is a collaborative, place-based initiative between the University of Delaware and the City of Wilmington.

The partnership aims to utilize the research expertise of University faculty, staff, volunteers, and students to address the challenges and concerns identified by Wilmington community leaders, organizations, and residents.

The partnership seeks to enhance the research experiences of the UD community, simultaneously enriching the well-being and life outcomes of Wilmington residents. 

Wilmington Partnership Mini-Grants

Wilmington Partnership Mini-Grants foster and support mutually beneficial community-engaged research in collaboration with community organizations and/or individuals in Wilmington. 

The maximum amount awarded for any Wilmington Mini-Grant is $5,000.

The application for 2024 mini-grants is closed

Learn more about Mini-Grants and the application process.

Participants in the Green Jobs program work at desktop computers

Small Grants Help Partners Make Big Impact

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Ann Aviles, Ph.D.

Senior Faculty Fellow

Associate Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences