Undergraduate UD Anti-Racism Initiative (UDARI) Summer Scholars

The Undergraduate UDARI Summer Scholars program provides highly motivated undergraduates in any major the opportunity to immerse themselves in a research or creative project based on race, anti-racism, or racial justice. 

Scholars spend 10 weeks during the summer in full-time pursuit of their research or creative projects.

Past projects (that are continuing and can be mentioned in an application) include studying UD’s Black history by conducting oral histories or by examining UD’s 19th land records to identify former enslavers on whose land the University now sits; working at a local Delaware museum, historical house, or other institution to help uncover Black, Latinx, or indigenous histories or by helping to decolonize the collection; creating anti-racist curriculum for PreK-12 schools; and any other project including in the sciences that fits a focus on race, anti-racism, or racial justice.

The end product of this project might be a written document (technical report, feature article, academic paper, journal, etc.) or a presentation. During the summer, scholars are enrolled in a zero credit P/F Sustaining Course and attend a weekly seminar led by CEI staff.

Scholars receive a stipend of $4000. 


For advisement contact Leann Moore at lmoore@udel.edu, Associate Director, Community Engagement Initiative or Dr. Alison Parker, UDARI co-chair, at aparker@udel.edu.

Application information

Prepare a 1-2 page essay that describes the type of project you are interested in pursuing and how it relates to your academic, professional, personal goals and aspirations. If you have a faculty mentor and project, please describe. If you do not, please describe the type of project you are interested in pursuing. You may identify a Delaware community group, government agency, or non-profit you might want to partner with as well as a possible UD faculty mentor. 

Priority application for Summer 2024 will be available through March 8, 2024.

Priority awards announced: March 15, 2024